Meetings are an essential part of the Alcoholics Anonymous program of recovery. They allow members a chance to come together to share their experience, strength and hope with one another to overcome their common problem of alcoholism. There are two types of meetings: “closed” which are only for members or those who think they have a drink problem, and “open” where anyone interested in A.A. is also welcome to attend. There are no dues or fees required at meetings and attendance is strictly voluntary.

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings began on the island of Bali, Indonesia about 1995. We now have at least four meetings every day of the week. Our fellowship has a strong core group. As Bali is a popular tourist destination, we welcome the consistent attendance from our out-of-town guests. If you are on your way to Bali, please select a meeting. We look forward to seeing you.

All meetings listed below are conducted in English. If you are looking for meetings in Bahasa please contact:

The Russian language meetings are in a separate table below the English Meeting list.

Please scroll down to see the Russian meeting list or click: “here“.
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If you have started a new AA meeting in Bali please email us at: We will add the meeting the to list immediately. Likewise, if any meetings are no longer running please email us asap to take the meeting off of the website. After a meeting is established for 6 months it will be added permanently to the booklet.

English Language Meeting List

DayTimeLocationVenueMeeting TypeStatus
Monday8:00 AMSanurBack Room Kopi KioskLiving SoberOpen
Monday9:00 AMSeminyak"Just for Today" Building3rd Step Closed
Monday9:00 AMUbud Café WahyuDaily ReflectionClosed
Monday9:00 AMBukit Café WahyuWomen's MeetingWomen's Closed
Monday6.00 PMSeminyak Jl Mertanadi 86E Women's MeetingWomen's Closed
Monday7:00 PMSeminyak"Just for Today" BuildingTopic DiscussionOpen
Tuesday8:15 AMCangguMicky's Mad HouseSpiritual
Tuesday9:00 AMSeminyak"Just for Today" Building12 Steps and
12 Traditions
Tuesday9:00 AMUbud Café Wahyu12 Steps and
12 Traditions
Tuesday9:00 AMBukitBukit “Steps We Took” Big Book
Topic Discussion
Tuesday5:00 PMSanurWarung D’MelBig Book StudyOpen
Tuesday6:30 PMUbud Café WahyuBig Book Topic
Personal Stories
TuesdayContact AA LombokLombok KutaBay Homestay DiscussionOpen
Wednesday8:00 AMSanurBack Room Kopi Kiosk

12 Steps and
12 Traditions
Wednesday9:00 AMSeminyak"Just for Today" BuildingBig Book StudyClosed
Wednesday9:00 AMUbud Café WahyuBig Book StudyClosed
Wednesday7:00 PMSeminyak"Just for Today" BuildingTopic DiscussionOpen
Thursday9:00 AMSeminyak"Just for Today" BuildingLiving SoberClosed
Thursday9:00 AMUbud Café WahyuLiving SoberClosed
Thursday9:00 AMSKYPESee Details BelowDiscussionOpen
Thursday9:00 AMBukitBukit “Steps We Took” Steps We TookOpen
Thursday5:00 PMSanurWarung D’MelTopic DiscussionOpen
Thursday6:30 PMUbud Café WahyuDaily ReflectionOpen
ThursdayContact AA LombokLombok KutaBay Homestay DiscussionOpen
Thursday7:15 PMSeminyak Jl Mertanadi 86E Men's MeetingMen's Open
Friday9:00 AMSeminyak"Just for Today" BuildingDaily Reflections
Friday9:00 AMUbud Café Wahyu2nd StepOpen
Friday1:00 PMCangguMicky's Mad HouseStep MeetingOpen
Friday6:30 PMUbud Café Wahyu1-3 Step MeetingOpen
Friday7:00 PMSanurWarung D’MelSpeaker MeetingOpen "Chip Night"
Friday7:00 PMSeminyak"Just for Today" BuildingSpeaker MeetingOpen "Chip Night"
Friday7:00 PMPecatuDrifter Surf Shop CafeMeditation
11th Step Meeting
Saturday9:00 AMSeminyak"Just for Today" BuildingAs Bill Sees ItClosed
Saturday9:00 AMUbud Café WahyuAs Bill Sees ItClosed
Saturday9:00 AMBukitBukit “Steps We Took” DiscussionOpen
Saturday9:30 AMSanurSanur Beach MeetingTopic DiscussionOpen
Saturday6:30 PMUbud Café WahyuPromisesOpen
Saturday7:00 PMSeminyak"Just for Today" BuildingBeginner's MeetingOpen
SaturdayContact AA LombokLombok KutaBay Homestay DiscussionOpen
Sunday9:00 AMSeminyak"Just for Today" Building11th Step
Sunday10:00 AMSanurWarung D’MelBig Book DiscussionOpen
Sunday10:00 AMNusa DuaNusa Dua Beach Grill Daily Reflections/
As Bill Sees It
Sunday10:30 AMUbud Café WahyuDiscussionOpen
Sunday6:30 PMUbud Café WahyuSpeakerOpen

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Russian Language Meeting List

DayTimeLocationVenueMeeting TypeStatus
Wednesday12:00 PM

House J9

Week 1
Big Book
Wednesday12:00 PMJimbaran

House J9
Week 2
12 and 12
Wednesday12:00 PMJimbaran

House J9
Week 3
How Bill Sees It
Wednesday12:00 PMJimbaran

House J9

Week 4
Speaker Meeting
Saturday12:00 PMNusa Dua BougainvilleDiscussionOpen

Weekly Online Skype Meeting for those members who can’t get to a meeting place.

Island Connection Online Group

Every Thursday

9 – 10 AM Bali Time (UTC+08:00)

Please send a Skype contact request prior to the meeting to +6281237721427 and you will be added 5 mins before the meeting starts at 9AM.

Parlez-vous français? Besoin d’aide? Contactez nous: Damian +62 877 8669 6879 (Whatsapp Enabled)