Bali Tips & Info

There is no public transport in Bali. You will need to either rent a motorbike, take a taxi, or hire a driver if you plan to tour the island a bit. Motorbike rentals are everywhere and the bike owners will not ask for a motorcycle license or proof of insurance. It is highly recommended that you get an International license to avoid some of the pitfalls of riding a motorbike. You are basically on your own. Foreigners riding motorbikes without helmets often get stopped by the police and this usually ends in some type of negotiated cash settlement on the spot. People “in-the-know” who live in Bali can usually get off for nothing of max about IDR 50,000. Tourists with little knowledge of the process/ scam, often get taken for much more.

Taxis all have meters. Do not board a taxi and then negotiate a fare. Just insist that the driver use the meter.

Hired Drivers – these are readily available for about USD $40-$50 per 8 hour-day, including petrol

Money Changers
Money changers are plentiful in all tourist areas. Only go to large, established changers where exchange rates are clearly posted on usually large boards in front of the business. Some of the major convenience stores also have money changers that are essentially branches of the large, authorized money changers. Never change money at a place that also sells stuffed animals, Bintang Beer, or has characters loitering out front offering anything else.

Internet Access
Wi-Fi is available at almost all restaurants and hotels. Quality varies, but you can definitely get connected if you are patient and diligent.

Bali is a fairly large island. The big party and tourist places are located primarily in southern Bali. There has been an increase in petty thefts and purse snatching in the current year. The best approach is to simply use your common sense, avoid shady characters, and keep your wits about you.

Entry & Exit Fees
If you are visiting Bali for 30 days or less then you will not have to pay a Visa on Arrival fee. However, if you intend to stay between 30-60 days you will need to purchase a VOA before going through immigration. Please note that if you over stay your visa (check your passport stamp to see the date) then you will be charged a hefty fee per day.