AA Kuta, Lombok

AA Kuta Lombok

AA Kuta Lombok is a small group with some old-timers from various countries around the world. Therefore every visitor and newcomer is welcome to our meeting and is appreciated as a contribution to the growth and future of the fellowship on this funny island.

Contacts (for AA & NA)
Steve        + 6282144351422            mr.lombok@gmail.com

Tom           + 6287765085025            kutabaylombok1@gmail.com

Please be aware, if you call from an international phone number, your number may not show up on Indonesian phones. So if you want to be contacted back, please send an sms with your phone number.
Also if you are traveling in Indonesia and hpw don’t want to spend too much money on international calls & texts, then you can get a cheap local number (sim card) at any phone shop.

Direction AA meeting Kuta Lombok

Kutabay homestay is located 100 meters from the ‘crossroad’ on your right. Go 50 meters down the road towards the ocean and you will find the old Mayors house (the location of the meeting) on the same side of the road. A picture of the entrance is below, the meeting is past the gate inside the building.


Meeting schedule at this location

DayTimeMeeting Format Status
TuesdayContact AA LombokDiscussionOpen
ThursdayContact AA LombokDiscussionOpen
SaturdayContact AA LombokDiscussionOpen