Sanur Beach Meeting, Sanur

Sanur Beach
In Front Of Hyatt Hotel

The Sanur Beach meeting has been quoted by some visitors as one of the “Best Meetings in the World”.

Located directly on the beach, under the shade of mangrove trees, this meeting is a great setting.
If it’s sunny there is shade but if it’s raining we will meet nearby at a restaurant called “La Playa Cafe”
La Playa Cafe
See Directions for La Playa Below.

While this location is a bit difficult to give directions to there is a map below which pinpoints the position.

The easiest way to find this meeting location is to make your way to the end of Jalan Duyung. Jalan Duyung is the small side street adjacent to the Hyatt Hotel which intersects Jalan Tamblingan at the Soul in the Bowl Restaurant.

An easy way to find this road is to google “Dusk Blue” which is a cafe on this road. You can also buy coffee here for the meeting if you would like. Continue down Jalan Duyung past Dusk Blue to the beach and when facing the ocean take a left and walk along the beach walkway.

You will go past a couple restaurants, followed by some colorful boats sitting on the beach, then you will start walking past the Hyatt Hotel which is under renovation. Walk for another 5 minutes at which point there will be a very large tree on the right after all the white sun beds. Continue for another 30 meters and you will find the meeting spot in a shaded area of mangrove trees.

The meeting begins at 9:30 AM but if you arrive early it might be harder to find if people haven’t arrived. At 9:25 you should see a few people and/or sarongs and stools lying under the trees.

It’s a small space and can be a bit windy/rainy on certain days so be prepared.
The seating arrangement is small stools and/or sitting on sarongs on the sand.

If you want any further information or need help finding it just ask the secretary at any of the other Sanur meetings.
Exact Beach Location:

Backup Location if it rains is La Playa Cafe: